Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe, with a developed transport infrastructure. There are different modes of transport that will enable you to get to any place in the city, country or the whole world. When moving within the city, you can use public transport, namely: trolleybuses, buses, shuttle buses and subway, or take a taxi to reach the destination quickly and comfortably. To travel within the country you can use airplane or train, and the river transport as well.



Kiev has two airports; these are “The International airport Borispol” and “Kiev International Airport (Zhulyany)”. Borispol is the airport of European-class; it is the biggest in Ukraine and one of the largest airports in Europe. It serves more than a half of all air transportations in the country. It takes more than 40 flights of foreign airlines a day and nearly 10 Ukrainian (these fly on 84 routes, including transcontinental), and serves up to 15 thousand passengers per day. In addition, the airport provides a variety of related services such as lease of premises and territories, water facilities, storage of goods at the warehouses and a lot of others. There are conference hall, business hall, restaurants, bars, shops Duty-free at the airport building. You can also use the cloakrooms which work round-the-clock. The airport Kiev (Zhulyany) is the second largest airport in Kiev, which was opened in 1924. It is situated 8 kilometres from the city centre and takes both international and domestic flights.

Internet site of “The International airport Borispol”

Public Transport

public transport

To move within the city, you can use public transport, which is highly developed in Kiev. This mode of transport includes the subway, shuttle buses, trams, trolleys and buses, and is rather comfortable and cheap. In order to get acquainted with the routes of public transport, in special booths or in subway you can buy a map with special additions devoted to the routes of all modes of public transport.
A passenger fare here is rather low: the fare for shuttle bus is from 2 to 2.5 hrivnas (approximately 0.2 – 0.25 €), the ticket for subway is 1.70 hrivnas (0.17 €), and a trolley or bus you can take only for 1.50 hrivnas (0.15 €).


The most popular and convenient mode of transport is subway. It is subway you can take to get to the destination quickly and cheaply. In addition, one of the considerable advantages of subway is that there are no traffic jams in which you can be stuck in during the rush hour. In Kiev there are three branch lines of the subway, and they include 46 stations.

Metro logo in Kiev

However, you cannot get to all points of the city using only subway. For those areas of the city, which are far from its stations, you can take a shuttle bus. It is also quite cheap and comfortable mode of transport the routes of which cover the entire city and its suburbs. The public transport in Kiev operates from 6 a.m. till 1 a.m.
Kiev subway and tram map



If you need to reach any point of the city or beyond quickly, you can take a taxi. This is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transport, but at the same time quite expensive. You can hail a taxi in the street or order it by phone but remember that if you order by phone as a rule the trip will be cheaper. At our site in the section «Useful numbers» you can find telephone numbers to call a taxi. The minimal fare is 20 hrivnas (2 €). In most of the taxi you have to pay cash since only few cars have terminals for credit cards payments.
This mode of transport in Kiev is very well developed. There are a lot of taxi services in the capital of Ukraine that transport passengers, and provide various related services as well, for example transportation of goods, lease of a limousine etc. In addition, you can use a taxi to reach the destination both within Kiev and beyond.


train kiev

For interurban trips and for trips to other countries as well you can use trains. Though this mode of transport is not so quick as air transport, it is rather safe, affordable and convenient for trips to the seaside or to the mountains. There are a few types of coaches in a train: second-class sleepers, compartment coaches, and sleeping coaches. The most comfortable are compartment coaches and sleeping coaches.
You can buy a ticket for any train in the cash deck at the railway station or at the railway cash desk in all city districts. You can buy a ticket 45 days in advance. You can also book a ticket by phone but in that case you will have to buy it two days before the date of the trip otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
Another mode of railway transport is electric trains which can be used for short interurban trips because they are not as convenient as trains. There are also three coach classes: the first, the second and the third; the first is the most comfortable.