Type: Hotel Restaurant
Cuisine: Italian
Address: Sagaidachnogo St, 21
Phone: 0(44) 425-02-13, 0(44) 425-11-76

Sharing the premises with the superior hotel Impressa multi-specialized restaurant-ice cream parlour-pizzeria «Walter’s» offers one of the best selections of the home Italian cuisine.


Pizza restaurant «Walter’s» can be regarded as a true north-Italian pizzeria in Kiev. All the pizzas are wrapped and covered with a crust by hand. The North-Italian pizza is baked in a traditional oven on coals “Forno a Legna” that adds this watering “smoky” aroma.
«Walter’s» offers a superb menu «A LA CARTE» with a wide selection of appetizers, soups, home pasta, boiled meat, fish meals and other popular Italian dishes. Also, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide wine list. By the way, most visitors note an exceptional professionalism of the restaurant’s bartenders that make some unbelievable cocktails.


As for the desserts, they are second-to-none. One thing is for sure – nobody’s going to be left unimpressed. Ice Cream parlour sets the wide plethora of home Italian ice cream made from natural ingredients only perfectly suiting a cup of coffee or making a finishing touch to brilliant dinner. The ice cream is made according to Artigianale recipe that in Europe is known as “cold gastronomic art”. You’ll definitely love these Italian tasties from the restaurant’s owner and chef Walter Rossita!
For those who can’t leave the office, but wants to enjoy the restaurant’s meals really badly, there is a delivery service.


So, you are welcome to use it, once there is a need. Furthermore, a summer terrace will suit those who feel themselves straitened inside when the summer is all around. Here you can sit in comfortable chairs having a nice meal and enjoying a view of the central street of the Podol district – one of the most original and coziest districts in the Ukrainian capital. To even more clients’ convenience, there is a parking area. Usually, the restaurant is full of Italians, naturally, ambassadors and those who just love Italian food. The interior is quite simple. The place is not over-designed which is nice.
The restaurant’s relaxing ambiance, warm-toned interior of the dining room with soft sofas and corresponding music dispose to pleasant conversation meanwhile helpful and friendly staff makes everything so that you feel a wanted guest.

Hours: from 11:00 am till the last visitor
Average bill: $30 – $40 per person