Food and Beverages

Perhaps, it should go without saying that Ukraine has always been among the most cooking-loving countries. Chicken Kiev is known all around the world, meanwhile the national pride and joy – beetroot soup Borsch makes up a subject to many stories. Visitors from abroad never get tired of complimenting the specific treats of the Ukrainian cuisine which is equally delicious and good for health.
However, with all the richness of the national cooking sophistications Ukraine is not squeamish about embracing gastronomic traditions of other countries. Over the past ten years the Ukrainian capital saw the launching of the great number of elite restaurants, trattorias, confectioneries, coffee houses and fast-foods differing in price policy and offered menus.
All you have to do is to choose a fancied restaurant and enjoy some delicious pieces.



Restaurants of Kiev are a separate page in the life of the city which can be endlessly talked through. The history of the restaurant business in Kiev has its roots in the past few centuries. However, only now it lives to its full. Why is it so? Let’s see. Firstly, over the last decade the number of restaurants has significantly grown. Secondly, their specialization has become more diverse so that visitors with different tastes and financial possibilities could find something suitable. And finally, the restaurant geography is constantly expanding its borders stepping from the city’s downtown and conquering more and more territories of the Ukrainian capital.
All things considered, hospitality, warm reception, excellent food and heart-warming atmosphere – that’s what the restaurants of Kiev are known and loved for.