When crossing the state border of Ukraine, you will need to pass customs checkpoint and to fill in customs declaration. It is necessary to know which kind of personal belongings can be transported through the border without declaring and paying taxes, and which you will need to declare.
According to the Ukrainian legislation, the physical body has the right to bring into the territory of the country cash in amount that is equivalent to not more than 10 000 euro without the written declaration. In case, money you have exceeds this amount, you must have an individual license issued by the National Bank of Ukraine, as well as documents on the withdrawal the amount of money that exceeds 10 000 euro from your bank account. As for the export of cash from Ukraine the procedure is the same. Remember that you have the right to export money in the amount that doesn’t exceeds that you have imported and declared previously.

If you import goods, and their total value does not exceed 200 euro, you needn’t to declare them, and they are not taxable. If the value of goods exceeds 200 euro, they must be declared, and they will be taxable. As for the appliances, you can bring into the country without declaring laptops, cameras, cell telephones in amount that doesn’t exceeds one item per person. You can also import to Ukraine alcohol in the amount that is not more than 1 litre of vodka, 2 litres of wine and 5 litres of beer. You are allowed to import 200 cigarettes and food for your own consumption, if the price of products does not exceed 50 euro per person.
As for the cultural values, in Ukraine there is a procedure of their import into the country and their export out of its territory. These items include artistic and historical values, pieces or collections of art, archaeological finds, books published before 1966, jewellery and so on. If you export them out of Ukraine, you should have appropriate documents, which include a document confirming the ownership of the property, as well as the resolution of public examination, which must be pre-made. If you bring the values into Ukraine, you should have a certificate for their export issued by the country they are exported from.
There is a list of items that are prohibited to bring into the territory of Ukraine. These include: weapons, radioactive materials that threaten public health and safety or the environment, print media that promotes cruelty, violence, racism, discrimination, etc.
When you leave Ukraine, the customs officers will check the declaration you filled in at the entrance, so keep it till the end of the visit. In addition, if you bought something in the Ukraine, do not throw away checks on purchases.