The democratic dance club “Forsage” has long become a central point on the dance map of Ukraine.


Year by year lots of DJs and club visitors rate it as the best club in Kiev. And there is a number of reasons for it. From the very first days of its existence “Forsage” has gained its reputation rapidly and rather quickly became the favorite place of many clubbing people.

One of the main club trumps is its three dance floors propagandizing completely different music formats thereby satisfying the tastes of both experienced clubbers and visitors with orthodox music preferences.


The basement is known by the VIP-DANCE-HALL (with total capacity of 250 people) gathering every weekend the army of 80’s disco and European pop-lovers. The upper floor is entirely conquered by quality hip-hop music meanwhile the two main floors became famous for the number of cutting-edge talents having played here. Over the three years it’s been more than three hundred well-known DJs that played in the club and more than a hundred groups and individual performers gave their gigs here. This list is constantly filling up with glorious names while the club is packed all week round even on Thursdays.


It’s impossible to describe what’s happening here at parties, you can only feel it, feel the tonnes of sound energy when people dancing to the stirring tunes on the dance floor. It can be up to 1500 people doing it – that’s the dance floor total capacity.

Mainly, R’n’B is acclaimed to be the basic club music format. However, the secret formula for success is the well-thought-out combination of R’n'B and mainstream music of world known artists. Every night club residents demonstrate their skills, while by day Lounge bar turns into a quiet cozy restaurant (with the capacity of 200 people) that is worth visiting as the chef is a true master. As the club team is completely dedicated to providing its visitors with maximum comfort and safety there is the system of face control & dress code (FC / DC).


“Forsage” holds its crowning position really tightly. It’s totally proved by picked in 2008 and 2009 awards «The Best Club in Ukraine» according to the Top Dj, popular music portal.

Official site: Forsage

Address: Kiev, Garmatna St., 51 – A
Answering machine: 0(44) 230-35-35
Booking office: 0(44) 406-76-00