Night Clubs


Arena logo

With no exaggeration, Arena Dance Club is rated as the most prestigious night club in the Ukrainian capital. This is a place where glamour and glitter reach their apogee. «Night life awards» and «Euro club 2005» are just few official recognitions of its status. First of all, Arena gets its recognition thanks to the events it hosts and names of megastars having performed here: Deep Dish, Erick Morillo, Felix Da Housecat, Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Axwell, Jerry Ropero, Seamus Haji, ATFC, Milk & Sugar, Benny Benassi, Andrea T, Mendoza, Joachim Garraud, DJ Prom, DJ Davis, Martin Solveig, Stonebridge, Jaybee, Aston Martinez, Player and Remedy, Syke and Sugarstarr, Dean Coleman, Phats & Small and Eddie Thoneick, DJ Whiteside, Soul Avengerz and many others…


Cinema logo

The CINEMA night club has long been put into a special niche in clubbing Kiev as one of the most underground venues around. It’s not for nothing CINEMA is taking a peculiar place in the lives of young Ukrainians.Still, CINEMA is not just underground phenomenon. Many people agree CINEMA it’s the clubbing Ukraine itself and the most “European” club in the country.
Anyway, what does this “European” epithet refer to? Well, it sums up all the elements that make the clubbing standards in such countries as Germany, France, Great Britain…


forsage logo

The democratic dance club “Forsage” has long become a central point on the dance map of Ukraine. Year by year lots of DJs and club visitors rate it as the best club in Kiev. And there is a number of reasons for it. From the very first days of its existence “Forsage” has gained its reputation rapidly and rather quickly became the favorite place of many clubbing people. One of the main club trumps is its three dance floors propagandizing completely different music formats thereby satisfying the tastes of both experienced clubbers and visitors with orthodox music preferences…


Heaven logo

The “Heaven” club is positioned as a conceptually new nightclub propagandizing the so-called «cocktail» lifestyle. The venue is estimated for the limited number of “right” people thus it’s not very spacious. The number of the “right” people is strictly controlled by the face-control at the club entrance which is convinced that only the best representatives of society can get to the “Heaven”. Once you enter the club it becomes obvious that really big money have been invested into the venue. The interior is deceptively and expressly simple: white walls and laconic furniture from Philippe Starck serves just as a background for the expensive light equipment…


patipa logo

The «PaTiPa» night club is designed as in the 80’s: glitter disco-balls, neon lights, screaming colours and, naturally, upbeat audience make up the place. Unusual FusionFastFood cuisine represents original low-calory snacks while expert bartenders impress visitors with delicious cocktails. Here in relaxed, free and easy atmosphere you can taste light meals while sipping exquisite drinks. This club welcomes anyone and pleases its clients at the highest level possible as exactly it’s the audience that makes the place living and shapes its reputation. Music menu concludes such styles as disco, electro, house and R&B meaning any music-lover will be satisfied…


Prime logo

Over quite a short period of time the “Prime” club has become an integral part of the night life of Kiev. The club was meant to correspond to its name meeting the highest demands and being first-class. Whether it’s so, judge for yourself. Over some time, “Prime” has changed its management crew which affected its policy in a positive way. Located on the Nauki Avenue the club is regarded as a student venue: basically, the party crowd is made up by 15 years-olds and older clubbers. The territory of the club is not that big that makes it cozier in comparison with the other major clubs in the capital…



It’s been already more than 5 years that the «Saxon» night club is unfurling its flag high above the rest. Over this time many clubs has appeared on the map of Kiev and has vanished from it ingloriously and forever. But it’s not what goes with the “Saxon” that continues to disturb minds of the local clubbers giving the best acts in the capital. Conservative medieval Saxon style of the club makes some kind of unrealistic impression you are either in a museum or in some King’s castle. Lounge area is amphitheater-shaped that allows watching what’s happening on the dance floor. It’s quite easy here to rave all night long as “Saxon”’s residents and guest DJs are known for fantastic sets they give…


Xlib logo

The concept behind the «Xlib» (“Bread”) night club was to shock metropolitan audience spoilt by glamour modern clubs and to create something deliberately simple and understandable to common people. Thus «Xlib» has been launched in resonance with the bohemian crowd’s needs. Notably, the venue is run by people who are quite passionate about what they do. Every aspect is scrupulously looked after what combines with one of the coolest atmospheres in Kiev. Mainly, this urban warehouse-like shelter houses underground music cognoscenti…


Joss logo

The club “Joss” was launched in 1993. Since then it remains the main entertainment centre on the left bank of the Ukrainian capital with a convenient location having the hotel “Tourist” by side and situating only 10 minutes from the international airport Boryspil.
The creators of “Joss” have thought out a right strategy. They estimated that billiard takes one of the most leading positions in the favourite pastime of modern people. In “Joss” you may choose between Russian (four 12-foot tables) and American billiard (two 9-foot pool tables).