In 1930 Kiev saw the opening of the first post-revolution cinema designed according to the state-of-the-art techniques of those times.

Zhovten kino

Then its name was “The Ninth Gorkino”, now it’s “Zhovten” (meaning “the month of October” in Ukrainian). In the course of its existence the cinema has gone through the multiple reconstructions that had changed its façade as well as the technical equipment.

The theatre got the name “Zhovten” in post-war time. Nowadays this name is primarily associated with high-quality films of both Hollywood and European production. As for the latter, no other cinema in the capital screens such an amount of arthouse movies in its walls.

Zhovten kino

Organizers pay special attention to independent films aimed at an “intelligent” viewer. For particularly captious film gourmets there are screenings in original with Russian or mainly Ukrainian subtitles which foreign visitors would appraise. In addition, if you have missed the premiere of a highly anticipated movie, you have all chances to catch it in “Zhovten” as traditionally the cinema screenings last a little longer than in the other cinemas of the capital.

However, “Zhovten” doesn’t leave the mainstream behind. The number of rooms (there are 5 of them) allows maximizing the genre spectrum of shown films.

Zhovten kino

The latest world premiers shake the walls of the largest “Hegemon” and “Kinoman” rooms (that have a few rows of large pouffes serving as seats) while the cozy “Anshlag”, “Classic” and “Sweet life” rooms give a treat to the true connoisseurs of cinema. By the way, opened in the late 2008 the “Sweet life” room is the out-and-outer cinema-café in Kiev where you can watch the best concerts of world stars lounging yourself on soft sofas and putting all your previously ordered drinks and snacks on coffee tables.
Without doubt, such like-at-home intimate atmosphere wins the hearts of viewers that got bored of multi-modern interiors prevailing in the main cinemas of Kiev.

Zhovten kino

It remains to add a few words about the cinema equipment: the rooms are rigged with nacreous screens, Dolby Digital sound system and soft velvet chairs.

Taken everything into account, it’s fair enough to say this cinema with rich history, eventful present and promising future has long time ahead to please film lovers of Kiev.

Official site: Zhovten

Kiev, Konstantinovska St, 26
Answering machine: 0(44) 205 59 51
Booking office: 0(44) 417 27 01