Odessa kino

New cinemas “Odessa-Kino” in Kyiv represent successful cinema network in Odessa including “Rodina”, “Moskva” and “Zvezdny” venues.

Кинотеатр Одесса Кино

In Kyiv the network “Odessa-Kino” is represented by three cinemas. The first four-room theatre was opened in the shopping mall “Ukraina” in 2004. The second one was opened later in the shopping mall “Caravan” and for the time being enters the top 5 of the most visited cinemas in the capital. Meanwhile the recently launched cinema of “Odessa-Kino” family group opened its doors in shopping mall “Kvadrat” in 2008.

Like in the home city “Odessa-Kino” in Kyiv sets the tone in the cultural life of the city. Viewers come here to watch the latest blockbusters as well as relax in the modern-designed cinema café.

Кинотеатр Одесса Кино

Cinema interior boasts two styles including high-tech and minimalism. Vivid colours of foyer area, bar and wardrobe (orange walls, ceiling and ticket offices) make nice contrast to a soft comfortable design of small rooms. The structure of cinema multiplex is rather practical as it reduces the intervals between the screenings to a minimum which is often discussed and appraised by viewers on internet forums.

Кинотеатр Одесса Кино

Most air-conditioned rooms accommodate VIP seats for the most fastidious cinema lovers. Each of 4 rooms (5 rooms in “Kvadrat”) varies in colour. Comfortable seats are equipped with large supports for soda and pop corn. Furthermore soft interior and ceilings as well as up-to-date climate control system contribute to pleasant time spending and make it possible to sit through the long showtime films. What is more, all the cinema halls are provided with the modern Elektrovoice sound system Dolby Digital EX and Kinoton company projection equipment which places “Odessa-Kino” alongside with the world best cinemas. The screens are located close enough to the audience. The closer you’re sitting to the screen, the deeper you’re plunging into the movie action.

Кинотеатр Одесса Кино

Nice feature for foreign visitors is that films in English are regular practice here (the exact movie and its screening is to be specified by calling a booking office).
All in all, the cinema gives viewers the cozy atmosphere of an evening of rest. “Odessa-Kino” listings include wide range of genres to satisfy all the viewers’ tastes. You just come here, choose the movie and the room, get the ticket and enjoy yourself. That’s how it works.


Official site: Odessa kino

Kyiv, Pobedy Square, 3
Shopping mall “Ukraina”, 4th floor
Answering machine: 0(44) 496-15-51
Booking office: 0(44) 496-15-11

Kyiv, Lugova st, 12
Shopping mall “Caravan”
Answering machine: 0(44) 495-17-71
Booking office: 0(44) 495-17-70

Kyiv, blvd. Perova, 36
Shopping mall “Kvadrat”
Answering machine: 0(44) 538-17-71
Booking office: 0(44) 538-17-70