The company “Multiplex-Holding” was established in October 2003 and during the first year of its existence it initiated the construction of several shopping malls with multiplex cinemas in the biggest cities of Ukraine.


In 2007-2008 the company opened four-room cinema on the left bank of Kyiv and 13-room cinema on the right bank.

To date, “Megaplex” located in shopping and entertainment centre “Blockbuster” is the biggest cinema in Ukraine having no analogues. It has 13 rooms: 12 – “ordinary” rooms and one IMAX-room that comprises 10 000 square meters. About 2000 viewers can watch movies in different rooms of the cinema simultaneously. The numbers of the rooms allows screening up to 12 different movies in one day with showings starting in 10 minutes period.


To avoid queues the cinema is provided with 10 tickets offices and 4 bars with 16 cash registers. Before screenings the viewers can kill the time in the comfortable lobby of the complex designed according to the latest technologies. Also, the lobby is equipped with 6 cozy boxes (accommodating approximately 60 people) where on large plasma screens arthouse movies are shown. Moreover “Blockbuster” comprises 5 fast-foods and 2 restaurants as well as the largest in the city roller-skating area, bowling, climbing area and a fitness club.


Furthermore «Blockbuster» parking accommodates about 1100 cars with more 1,600 places for cars in bordering parkings of Metro and Foxmart supermarkets. Those visitors without cars can get on the free buses circulating from Petrovka and Troyeshchina district.

As for the “Multiplex” cinema in the shopping mall “Komod”, it’s much smaller (4 rooms) nevertheless equally advanced. It’s the first time in the Ukraine that a cinema is provided with poly-functional multimedia system that allows broadcasting in synchronous mode events in one of the rooms or lobby on TV monitors and screens. Also it’s the first cinema equipped with interactive system of rating films meanwhile the rooms are provided with Super Lux chairs with automatic drive transposing the seat in horizontal position.

All in all, the cinema is equipped with modern display technologies, whereas rooms are named after the prominent film industry figures such as Alain Resnais, Sergei Paradjanov, Nikolai Grinko, Aleksander Sokurov.

Official site: Multiplex

Kyiv, Lunacharskogo St, 4
Shopping mall “Komod”, 4th floor
Booking office: 593 35 80

Kyiv, Moskovsky Ave, 34B
Shopping mall “Blockbuster”
Booking office: 498-48-32