Opened in 1998 the cinema “Kinopalats” became the so long anticipated pioneer in the following chain of modern cinemas now spawned all over Kiev. Also it was the first-stepper of the popular Ukrainian cinema network “Kinopalats” in the capital. Exactly “Kinopalats” has introduced many residents of Kiev to the world of modern high-quality films on wide screens.


“Kinopalats” doors are opened from 9:00am to 12:00pm, like in many other cinemas there is a discount system half-pricing tickets for students. Also there is a popcorn-café and a cocktail-bar “Kinokolada” in a cozy lobby that often serves as a venue for parties, press-conferences and film presentations. During school holidays the cinema organizes variety of activities for children. Rather often the cinema hosts national premiers with getting involved local celebrities. Typically, the cinema listings include the latest Hollywood blockbusters and cartoons for children making “Kinopalats” a regular place of family visits.


In October 2008 “Kinopalats” opened again after its reconstruction. Thus now it’s the first cinema in Ukraine equipped with digital projectors made by “” Barco “” DP-2000 Dolby 3D kit.
The room (housing new 122 comfortable seats) is rigged with Dolby Digital Surround EX system, acoustic system “JBL” and a panorama screen Perlux. All summoned up means now viewers have a possibility to watch movies in the absolutely new high quality. Worthy of notice, the new sound is the subject of multiple positive comments of regular cinema visitors. The cinema room has also been reconstructed: now it has 122 cozy welcoming seats and equally excellent visibility and audibility from any seating point.


Indisputable advantage of “Kinopalats” is its location: it’s situated in the prestige residential area in a minute walk from the subway station “Khreschatik” and in a 3 minutes walk from the Independence Square – the central square of the capital. Also there is the Oktyabrsky Palace next to the cinema – one of the most important culture centers in Kiev.

Advantageous location in down town, plus the profitable policy of the most popular screenings make “Kinopalats” one of the most visited cinemas in Kiev on workdays as well as in the weekends.

Official site: Kinopalats

Kiev, Institutska st, 1
Answering machine: 0(44) 278 72 23
Booking office: 0(44) 490 70 60