In any cinema of the network “Butterfly” you will find yourself in the breathtaking world of color and get the feeling of presence in cinematographic action.


In Kyiv the network includes three cinemas: “Butterfly Petrovka”, “Butterfly Deluxe” and “Butterfly Ultramarine”.

For the moment it was opened in 2001 “Butterfly Petrovka” was the first multiplex cinema in Ukraine. It is equipped with high-quality equipment: JBL sound system, DVD projectors, Dolby processors and projection equipment KinotonVisual. Amphitheater-shaped rooms contribute to better film effects perception and guarantee excellent view from any seating point. Meanwhile sound system Dolby Digital Surround Ex allows reaching a new level of sound providing six channels of pure crystal sound.


A huge Hi-Tech-styled lobby accommodates many visitors. The longest bar in Kyiv disposes a huge assortment of drinks, cocktails, desserts, snacks and, of course, pop corn with different flavours. Moreover there is a separate lounge area for sport fans that is equipped with a large screen broadcasting major sport events.

Entering the two-room “Butterfly DeLuxe” you will immediately plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the history of cinema. The walls of a cozy cinema café are decorated with portraits of star legends of Hollywood and European cinema.
The rooms of the cinema are provided with special VIP seats that are soft sofas and coffee tables.
The second floor offers bar service as well as playing machines.


The latest “Butterfly Ultramarine” was opened in 2004 in the entertaining complex “Ultramarine”. It’s the biggest cinema in the network as it consists of six rooms (designed for 333, 226, 244, 244, 134 and 134 seats), each of which is provided with the latest projection and sound equipment. Notably VIP-hall is especially convenient because consists of sofas seats with coffee tables only.

Thanks to the diverse movie listings the “Butterfly” cinema network has broad audience and offers flexible price policy and discount system mainly appraised by students. Nevertheless any “Butterfly” remains a hugely visited venue the whole year round.


Official site: Butterfly

Kyiv, Gorkogo St, 50
Answering machine: (044)206 13 20
Booking office: (044)206 13 22, 206 13 24

Kyiv, Moskovsky (Krasnych Kazakov) Ave, 6
Answering machine: (044)531 39 77
Booking office: (044)536 04 84

Kyiv, Uritskogo St, 1
Answering machine: (044)206 03 50, 206 03 60
Booking office: (044)206 03 70