Bingo is one of the largest and most spacious billiard clubs in the Ukrainian capital

Bingo club

which is located on the second floor of the night club Bingo. It works round the clock and offers a game zone with 11 pool tables, 3 snooker tables and 14 tables for Russian billiard. Also, you’ll find a bar with the impressive selection of sophisticated meals and drinks.

Bingo club

All the equipment for the club – which is Olympic ІІ pool tables, Dynamic ІІ Russian billiard tables, Aramith balls – belongs to the category of professional billiard equipment. In Bingo you can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi connection.
Bingo is the main venue for the biggest competitions on various kinds of billiard in which not only professional players but also amateurs take part.

Bingo club

You can try any kind of billiard guided by experienced trainers who would reveal you all the intricacies of the game tactics.
To wind up, Bingo is one of the oldest and respected billiard clubs in Kiev the quality of which you can check out by coming here yourself!

Phone: (044) 423 – 83 – 17
Official web-site: Bingo
Address: Peremohy Ave., 112

Working hours: round the clock