Bowling and billiard


Strike bowling club logo

Strike Bowling Club is one of the most eventful bowling clubs in the Ukrainian capital that pleases its visitors with high-quality services for many years already.


Vitamin bowling club logo

The first brainchild of the “Vitamin” family was opened in Kiev in September 2003. Now, there are four Vitamin bowling clubs running in the Ukrainian capital. It must be mentioned that Vitamin 1 (having offered 24 bowling tracks) was closed due to the removing to another location.


Xameleon bowling club logo

The democratic atmosphere, service level, quality food and drinks that is what evokes associations with comfort and warmness and what makes the concept of the bowling club “Xameleon”.


Jumbo bowling club logo

Kiev has a huge number of restaurants, clubs and venues differing in their main purpose, style and attitude. But just a few of them can be rendered as a place with its loyal clients coming there time after time.


Bingo club logo

Bingo is one of the largest and most spacious billiard clubs in the Ukrainian capital which is located on the second floor of the night club Bingo. It works round the clock and offers a game zone with 11 pool tables.


Kiev billiard club logo

The gambling club “Kiev” was opened on the ground floor of the movie theater of the same name in 2001. The concept of the club is about the combination of a billiard club, bar, restaurant and casino.


Kiev billiard club logo

“Brend” is an elite top class billiard club created for people with a sense of taste, dignity and for those accustomed to comfort, coziness, relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Myslyvsky Dvir

Myslyvsky Dvir logo

Basically “Myslyvsky Dvir” is a complex that combines a hotel, restaurant and other services including a high-rate billiard club.