The National Art Museum of Ukraine

Address: Grushevskogo, 6
Phone: 0(44) 279 6462

National Art Museum of Ukraine

If you come to Kiev and don’t visit the National Art Museum of Ukraine, your impressions of this country will be incomplete.
The history of this museum began 100 years ago, when it was called the “Municipal Museum of Art and Antiques”. Ukraine was considered to be well-known only by its folk decorative ethnographic art, and professional art did not exist here. However, for many years the museum staff collected the best works of artists born and living in Ukraine, artists who were away from home, as well as foreign artists who worked in Ukraine. There are works of Shevchenko and I. Repin, V. Borovikovsky and B. Tropinin, N. and M. Vrubel Pimonenko, N. Gay, and G. Narbut, A. and B. Murashko Krichev and many others collected in the museum. «Galicia», «Chernihiv», «Moscow», «St. Petersburg», «Europe», «America» – this is not full list of paintings purchased for the museum.
A unique icon-relief «St. George in his life» of XII century still delights the museum visitors; this is a piece of art by Kazimir Malevich, who was born in Ukraine. Another masterpiece of XVIII century – the icon «Great martyrs» by world-renowned Ukrainian artist J. Gnizdovskyi is pleasing to the eye.
Now the Museum keeps a few dozens of thousands of exhibits; among them there is the icon “The Miracle of St. George Fighting the Dragon”, the icon “Last Judgment” of XVII century by the Metropolitan St. Demetrius Rostovskyi, “Self-portrait” by Taras Shevchenko, the works by A. Manevich, M. Pimonenko, S. Vasilkivskyi, P. Levchenko, A Murashko, V. Maximovitch and other famous artists. Collection of the Museum is still increasing.
In 90-th years of XX century, the National Art Museum of Ukraine came to the world level. The collection was shown in famous museums of Canada, France, Denmark, Croatia, and has become the world sensation many times. The world got the information about the culture of highly developed culture of the country with a thousand-year history. New names of previously unknown artists were included into the world elite level.
The growing authority of the National Art Museum of Ukraine confirms the proportionality of the Ukrainian art with the world culture.