The St. Andrew’s Church

Address: Andreevsky descent, 23

The St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew’s Church is a famous architectural landmark of 18th century, which was built by the order of Russian Empress Elizabeth in 1754. The church was created in the Baroque style by famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Moscow architect Ivan Michurin was the executor. The church is a true work of art.
Five-domed St. Andrew’s Church with one cupola was built in the form of a cross, in the corners of which there are decorative towers. Outside there are buttresses decorated with pilasters and covered with six columns. The steep iron stairs leads to the entrance of the church from the street. St. Andrew’s Church itself is based on the two-story stylobate building, the walls of which are the foundation of the church. The balustrade around the St. Andrew’s Church opens a beautiful view of Podil and the Dnieper.
The place of the St. Andrew’s Church is full of legends. Long time ago there was an ancient Polanians’ settlement of Prince Kiy, the founder of Kiev. A wooden pagan idol of the god Perun surrounded by other gods stood at the top of the hill. On the left hand there were palaces of Princes, and some time later the Desyatinnaya church was built nearby. According to the legend, at there was the sea at the place where the Dnieper flows now. When Saint Andrew came to Kiev and stood the cross at the place where St. Andrew’s Church was built, all the sea went down. But some of it remained under the St. Andrew hill. Later a church was built there, and a well arose under it. The legend tells that when the bells toll they can wake up the water in the well, and it can flood the entire city that is why there are no bells at all in the Church of St. Andrew.
The Church is located at the beginning of Andreevskyi descent there that connects and Vladimirskaya and Desyatinnaya streets with Kontraktova square. In ancient times Andreyevsky descent was the shortest route between the Verchniy Grad and the Podil. Today the street is stylized in the spirit of the times of Kievan Rus, drawing citizens of Kyiv, tourists and lovers of antiquity. Sidewalks are paved with special paving blocks; and along the streets there are old cast-iron lamps. Andreyevsky descent has become a true museum. Every spring the exhibitions of various works of art are being hold here. In addition, it is popular place of all Kyiv citizens to walk on holidays and weekends.