Expocentre of Ukraine

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The National complex «Expocentre of Ukraine»

The National complex «Expocentre of Ukraine» is one of the leading exhibition centres of Ukraine. The complex is located in Kiev Golosiivsky forest, occupying the territory of 285 hectares. The Expocentre includes several functional systems: the theme exhibitions, international and national exhibitions, sport and entertainment zones, a complex of the southern entrance, a forest and park zone, and a business centre zone «Business City». The architecture of the complex is harmoniously combined with the works of garden and park art. In total there are about one hundred and eighty buildings and structures, twenty of which are the historical and cultural memorials of Ukraine. The Palace of Arts «Ukrainian House» located on Khreshchatyk is also a part of the complex.
In July 1958 the exhibition centre was opened to visitors. Today the «Expocentre of Ukraine» is a member of the Exhibition Federation of Ukraine and Russian International Union of exhibitions and fairs. Each year it holds more than one hundred exhibitions, presentations, sport, and corporate events. A set of events hold in the Expocentre includes international and domestic exhibitions of foodstuffs, consumer goods, industrial goods, equipment, energy machinery, etc., as well as congresses, conferences, symposiums, round tables, business meetings, and various holidays. In addition, «Expocentre of Ukraine» offers services such as planning, design and artistic decoration of exhibits, allocation of exhibition equipment, stands building, advertisement support of exhibitions, floral-decorative design and landscape gardening of exhibitions, as well as transportation, customs services, etc.