Quick Facts about Kiev

Kiev emblem

Kiev: is the capital of Ukraine, city-hero, the center of Kiev area. Kiev – the largest city in the country and an important political, industrial, scientific and cultural city in Ukraine.
According to legend, founded by three brothers Kiem, Schekom and Horeb and sister Lybid in the V century, as the center of the Band field. Named in honor of the elder brother. The date of founding of Kiev conventionally considered to be 482 years.

Geographic coordinates: 50 28 N, 30 29 E

Area: 836 sq km

Population: 2,677,000 (2007 est.)

Climate: Temperate continental. It is mainly characterized by plentiful precipitation and cloudiness in winter and fall. Winters are usually long and cold. Summers are short but can be pretty hot.

UTC/GMT Offset: Summer time: GMT +3 hours; Winter time: GMT +2 hours

Area code: 44

Post code: The whole territory of Kyiv, is divided into several boroughs. Every borough has it’s own zip code or index. But for convenience purposes, they all use one, common zip code 01001

Electricity: voltage 220 V AC, 50 Hz

Currency: The national currency of Ukraine – Hryvnia (UAH)
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Demography: Ethnic composition of Kiev (Census 2002)
Ukraine: 72.6%
Russian: 22.4%
Others: 5.0%

Phone code: international (+380)44, in Ukraine – (044)

The length of all streets: 1584 km (1999 est.)