Welcome to capital of Ukraine – Kiev


Kiev also known as Kyiv is the capital and the heart of Ukraine. It is situated on both banks of the river Dnipro for over 15 centuries and is a mind-blowing spot for tourists. Different places of interests for all age groups and people of different tastes attract tourists from all parts of the world. Kiev is perceived as one of the biggest and most eye-catching cities in Europe. Especially in spring and summer, the greenery of chestnut trees and lilacs on the roadsides polishes its beauty and makes it inevitable to be left unnoticed. Over the years, Kiev has turned into a valuable center and a place of interest for most East European countries. Kiev on its way of progress has developed economical and natural potentials to attract foreign investments and businesses, which makes it more interesting from the business point of view for many companies.


Here you can find all necessary information and tips to get familiar with the place and different guidelines to explore the heart of Ukraine. You can also find all comprehensive data about hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, cultural places, nightclubs and all other places of interest.
Due to the wide range of hotels everybody is able to find a place to stay according to their own value for money. In Kiev, you can get flats on short term and even daily basis, which makes traveling with the whole family more comfortable and affordable as well. Kiev has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and eating points that serves you different cuisines and you can choose the one to fit your budget. Therefore, hamburger lovers as well as fine dining admirers can get all the comforts.
Kiev being a metropolitan is very well connected through its metro and has various other options for traveling throughout the day and taxi available 24/7.


Different tour agencies have guided tours daily through Kiev and all over the Ukraine, which gives a perfect view of all the cultural and historical monuments with other places of interest. Reservationswith agencies can be done online or by visiting the office in case if the visit is not preplanned. Visiting Ukraine and traveling through tour agencies might be a bit stress free but the online Kiev map will let you choose your own destinations with your own schedule. Moreover, you can find the information about all the services like car rentals, shopping malls, translation services etc.
Kiev as a historical city carved with many artifacts, which are worth seeing. Different churches, which speak the tales of orthodox culture, museums telling the hidden truths and the famous catacombs, called Pecherska Lavra with mummified priests preserved in a historical manner. Even being a historical place Kiev is not behind in entertaining its guests. The zoo, circus, cinema, opera, pubs and nightclubs will catch everybody’s attention.
On this website, you can get full information about the requirements for getting a visa to Ukraine and all the details about the process. You can also find the information about flights flying to Ukraine and the fares that will make your journey easier and affordable too.

The unusual Kievian view

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